King Solomon Academy

Welcome to the online application for King Solomon Academy Sixth Form. Please complete all the blank sections of the form below. If you need to save your form to complete later, you can click on SAVE at the foot of the form, and also either BOOKMARK the link or COPY it into an email so that you can re-visit it later.

All applications from existing KSA pupils must be completed by Thursday 22nd November.

To secure your place on the most popular courses at our sixth form, apply in Phase One (deadline, Monday 10th December) and get a response before the Christmas Holidays

All pupils that are currently applying from schools other than KSA must have applications completed by 15th January 2019.

Please note that following Sunday 18 March 2018 the online application will cease to function, at which point you should contact the school by emailing You should also use this email to contact us if you have any difficulties completing the application. 

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